Lesson Start Locations


​I do five things that help a student progress up to twice as fast (thus at half the expense) through training compared to other driving schools.
          1.  FREE written training materials that prepare a driver for each lesson in advance.  Those who take advantage of this benefit progress up to twice as fast and at half the expense compared to those who do not do the reading.
          2.  FREE e-mail between each (almost all) lessons (starting with lesson two) clarifying drivers progress and needs.
          3.  FREE unlimited e-mail access to me and my office to answer any question a client and/or student-driver has.

          4.  I do not take time out of the driver's behind-the-wheel time to talk with interested parties.  I will take my time to have a brief conversation about each lessons progress if requested and the individual approaches my vehicle at the end of the training as a sign he or she wants information; however, I do most of that information sharing via email for FREE.

          5. I teach parking and three-point turn at no charge if driver is enrolled in a Course and memorizes the steps for parking and three point turn well enough to quote them in whole or in part, on request and without hesitation on his or her own time for free rather than consume driving time to memorize the steps.  Interested? Just ask for details.
Applying these benefits, my prices are competitive with or much less than any other reputable driving school in the USA.

Each 75-minute lesson ranges from $126 to $156 depending on several factors.   

There is a 7% discount for not using Visa or MasterCard. 

Weekday training is $5 to $7 per lesson less than Saturday training.   

          Price reduction is provided for pre-paying for scheduled lessons.   

          A lesson is considered pre-scheduled if on our calendar by 7pm the night prior to lesson two.

          Lessons are considered prepaid if paid for by the start of lesson two.

          We only collect tuition for lesson one at the start of lesson one.  The Scheduling Fee is often asked for in advance.

End of training rebates are between zero and $14 per lesson depending on how many scheduled lessons are paid for by the start of lesson two.  Rebates are paid at the start of the last paid lesson.  We hesitate to schedule more than five lessons in advance.

We do not collect in advance for lessons not scheduled.  Our Contract clarifies the Rebate.  
         If you are looking for the best financial deal, schedule one weekday lesson, then schedule four weekday lessons after lesson one, pay for all four (lesson two through five) at the start of lesson two and do not miss or reschedule any lesson for any reason.  If you will do these things you will be paying the price per lesson that was charged in 2009.  
         Missed lesson with less than a two-hour notice can incur a charge. See your Contract for details.  
        There is no rebate for Saturday training because Saturdays fill up first and fastest, so Saturday times are more valuable.  There is no rebate applied to missed lessons, even if the missed lesson is unavoidable (not your fault). 

Door-to-Door Service
I usually arrive within one-minute of your scheduled time, rather than the 45-minute window offered by most taxi services.  The charge is $2 per round trip mile from very near Exit 26 at Interstate 10, Milton, 32583.  Door-to-door service is not cheap.  However, it is about 60% of the round trip price of taking a taxi and also less than UBER.  I charge about 90% of what it actually costs me to provide the service.  I am a small business. I have only one car.  One-hundred percent of my overhead has to be gleaned by the per mile and/or per minute use of my one car.  

This photo is 15 years old, however

there remains a slight resemblance!

My Specialty and Business Structure


 Better Business Bureau Member  ​​A+ Rating

1.  A lesson can begin and end any place you desire in the State of Florida.
2.  For no pick-up fee lessons start/end at 3804 Garcon Point, Milton.  This is near Exit 26 at Interstate 10, Milton.  

Specific directions to the start location for the first lesson will be provided to you upon request  or you can find it using 
www.mapquest.com and the address 3804 Garcon Point Road, Milton 32583.  Also, see immediately below.

Below each question is the shortest answer I can provide. To learn more read the item with the same number in the center and right column. 

I (Joda Collins) do NOT staff my office with a secretary or anyone else to answer the phone during all business hours because it is very hard to make a living with a driving school and keep the office staffed ten hours per day.  Paying a full time secretary almost guarantees insufficient operating funds to keep a small driving school in this area open.   If someone is in the office, we will answer the phone. If no one is in the office we make every effort to return calls within two hours.


I (Joda Collins) put the driver behind the wheel for one driving lesson. A lesson is one hour and 15-minutes unless otherwise arranged. At the end of that training I will tell you how many more lessons, if any, I think the driver will need to reach whatever driving goal or goals you tell me that you are seeking if you fill out a form I give you.


There are four major Courses. 

   1.  Experience Only.

   2.  Pass the State Exam Only

   3.  Generally Safety Course (reasonably safe among other reasonably safe drivers).

    4. Defensive Driver (reasonably safe among crash-prone drivers).


Each lesson comes with between 10 and 30-pages of reading. Drivers who do the reading will usually progress through training twice as fast, therefore, at half the expense.  That is because I do not have to stop the car and explain a lot of things to the driver because he or she has read the information, therefore, the driver gets more driving time with the car moving and has a better and clearer understanding of the driving techniques.

    I teach Tuesday through Saturday 10am to 10pm. 


We accept cash,local (Santa Rosa or Escambia County) check, money order, cashier's check, Visa and MasterCard. However, all of the prices quoted contain a 7% discount for not using Visa or MasterCard.


Drivers are required to have a permit or a license before taking behind-the-wheel training.

The first lesson (75-minutes) is a training session.



Each lesson is 75-minutes and each lesson ranges from $126 to $156 depending on how many lessons are taken, how many lessons are paid for by the start of lesson two, if paying with other than Visa or MasterCard, and if lessons are on a weekday or a Saturday.  The first lesson is $140 for a weekday or $145 for a Saturday training which includes a 7% discount for not using Visa or MasterCard.  See #3 in column to the right for more details. 

If your driving goal is a certain number of hours, then your goal can be measured and predicted.  If your goal is a certain degree of driving skill reflecting driving safety, then the time it takes to reach your driving goal will depend on the speed of your progress.


At the end of the first lesson, if requested, I tell you how many more lessons I think it will take, if any, for the driver to reach his or her driving goals. See #6 in the column to the right for more details.

Defensive driving is driving in a manner where crash-prone drivers do not involve you in their crashes.  See #7 in the column to the right for more details.

Seventy-five minutes of training with as much of that time devoted to the student-driver behind-the-wheel as possible.  See #8 in the column to the right for more details.

We will rent you our vehicle for your personal use (to take the State exam) under specific conditions.   See #9 in the column to the right for more details.

10.  WE PROVIDE THE VEHICLE FOR TRAINING, however, we can use your insured and road-worthy vehicle if you sign a liability waiver assuming all liability.  See #10 in the column to the right for more details.

Go to http://www.mapquest.com/.  Click on "Directions."  Enter 32583 in the "A" box and your address in the "B" box.  Double the miles to = round trip miles and increase total to next whole number.  Multiply the number of miles by $2 or $2.15 depending on Contract status.  Or call 850 981-3355 for an estimate. See #11 in the column to the right for more details.

Yes.   See #12 in the center column for more details.

13.   WHAT I (Joda Collins) DO.

I tell the truth about your driving progress and do my best to help you reach your driving goals.  See #13 in the center column for more details.

I do not lie about your driving progress or reduce my prices.  I do not refund money for lessons already started or not cancelled in time and in according with the Contact.  See #14 in the center column for more details.


Careful drivers are reasonably safe among other careful drivers.  Only Defensive Drivers are reasonably safe among poor drivers.  See #15 in the center column (immediately to your right) for additional details.
If a break is taken for safety, that is part of the training. If a break is taken for any other reason other than a safety break, additional time to cover the break will be added to that lesson.  See  #16 in the center column (immediately to your right) for additional details.

Yes. Parents and spouses are welcome and invited to ride along for the first lesson only if we are using the Academy vehicle.  If the training is not being done in the Academy vehicle the vehicle owner decides who can and cannot ride since the vehicle owner is assuming all liability.  In the USA, the crash rate for driver's training when a non-student is in the back seat is estimated to be 2.5 times greater . Therefore, there is a one-minute speech all riders have to listen to before riding. Safety first.  If you feel you must ride in the Academy vehicle during training beyond lesson one, talk to me about it and I will see what I can do to accommodate your request.  Anyone can follow us to see the training from the outside of our vehicle. Up to 24 hours before  your  lesson  start, I will provide any client (parent, spouse, etc.) a free 10-minute driving session with client behind-the-wheel to get an idea of my teaching ability.   

18.  HOURS OF OPERATION (Training)
10am to 10pm, Tuesday through Saturday.  Closed Sunday.  Monday is paperwork day. See #18 in the center column (immediately to your right) for additional details.

19.  YOUR INSURANCE MAY BE LESS IF YOU TAKE BEHIND-THE-WHEEL TRAINING FROM A STATE LICENSED DRIVING SCHOOL.  My Driving Academy is State Licensed.   See #19 in the center column (immediately to your right) for additional details.

If we cannot work together with a reasonable degree of harmony and mutual respect, we part friends, if possible.  But, we part. Life is too short to do otherwise.  If you quit early I will not charge you for lessons not taken if canceled in a timely manner and in accord with your Contract. If I quit early, I will not refund money to you for lessons completed otherwise all a person would have to do is consistently irritate me on purpose until I quit and have to refund all money.  See #20 in the center column (immediately to your right) for additional details.

Ask and I will tell you what is required to pass the State Exam.   See #21 in the center column (immediately to your right) for additional details.

Driver can do self-study in conjunction with their behind-the-wheel training.  Most students who do the self-study progress up to twice as fast in training compared to drivers who do not do the self-study. This is a 50% savings, not 50% off.   Self-study is not required, however.   Only about one in 20 students take advantage of the self-study option. I am not negative towards that because if every student took advantage of this officer, I could not stay in business at 50% of my current income rate.   See #22 in the center column (immediately to your right) for additional details.

The only way to learn to drive at night is to drive at night.  The best way to learn to drive in bad weather, is to drive in bad weather.   See #23 in the far right column for more details.

It costs me to provide door-to-door service.  I do not add that cost to the base price for everyone including those who do not use door-to-door service so I can provide it to others for free (no additional charge).  I charge those that use the service about 90% of what it costs me to provide weekday door to door service. See #24 in the center column (immediately to your right) for additional details.

Yes.  You can see it on this Web Page. Go to www.jodacollins.com, Agreement page, Section Six and Attachment One that follows there.   We do not enter into a confirmed service without an agreed service Contract, otherwise, that obligates us to everything you think we ought to do and you to nothing. See  #25 in the center column (immediately to your right) for additional details.

26. If you SIGNED THE WORKING AGREEMENT BUT I DID NOT READ IT or did not read it carefully enough to understand it, there is a good chance you will be unhappy you did. When that day and times comes, what should you do?
Talk with me (Joda Collins).  We can probably resolve most issues.  Let me try.   See #26 in the far right column for more details.

Talk with me (Joda Collins).  We can probably resolve most issues.  Let me try.   See #27 in the far right column for more details.

At the tax office in your town.   See #28 in the far right column for more details.


My office is open for eight hours between 8am and 11pm Monday through Saturday. The open hours vary depending on the work load and the activity for the day, but we are seldom out the office for more than a two-hour increment of time.  While not a promise, we usually return calls within two-hours. 

We do not charge for parking and/or three point turn training, in whole or in part, if the conditions clarified in Item 29 in far right column are met.


There are only two forms of steering taught.  One his hand-over-hand which is the fastest method of steering and will deliver a driver from a crash that slow steering could not avoid. The other form of steering is shuffle steering which is the slow form of steering. The advantage of shuffle steering is that it is so slow that it is the safer form of steering when making turns on ice or slick snow. In Florida the chances of needing quicker steering is higher than the chances of driving on ice or slick snow.  Unless otherwise directed I teach hand-over-hand only, but will teach shuffle steering ALSO if requested.


Turning the steering wheel with a vehicle stationary is not recommended by any vehicle manufacturer in the entire world because it is very hard on the steering assembly.  It takes about 200 turns of the wheel in stationary vehicle before that vehicle needs front end repair work.  That would be about every 10 to 12 days in my training vehicle.  Drivers or Clients that want to or need to steer with the vehicle stationary will need to use their own insured vehicle for parking and three point turn training.


The Service Contract has some information directly related to the Student-driver regardless of age.  While I cannot legally hold a person under 18 years of age to any responsibility outlined in the Contract it is to the Student-driver's advantage to know what is expected of him or her. In addition, it is wise if the Student-driver knows of the responsibilities and commitment the Client (financially responsible person) is making on his or her behalf; knowing this better fosters a "Thank you" from the mature Student-driver to the Client.


      A.  I put everything that has to do with benefits, responsibilities, service, promises and/or money in print. If these things are discussed on the phone I have to invest more time in putting them in print on an email also.

     B.  A written email gets rid of all comments that follow, "But you said.....!" and keeps the speaker from attempts to hold the listener hostage to verbal misunderstandings.  The best speaker does not say 100% of all things perfectly. The best listener does not hear 100% of all things perfectly. I cannot prove what I said your you said, but written info can be verified.  We have nor honor any verbal statements, no matter who said what. If it is important, get it in writing. We do!  Verbal communication is a best friend to narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths because they rejoice to take advantage of others for personal gain by misstating things other said; I have had my fill of those deviant and disgusting people.

     C.  Then there are the disfunctional; those who lack the sense to engage in any interaction that requires basic logical skills.  They seldom gain any benefit from their lack of comprehension of reality or ability to l understand simple facts, but their lack causes everyone they have anything to do with harm.


The more such people associate with you or me, the more damage they cause you or me, so we simply decline to try to work with such people.  I do not afford mentally-unbalanced or severely logically-impaired people that advantage.


If you are not mentally-unbalanced and you can function with others reasonably well amid facts and reality, but prefer the telephone to email, I welcome your call.


       A. I do not like playing telephone tag.

       B.  If I make a telephone call to schedule, there is a high probability I have reached the Client about scheduling when he or she has not carefully reviewed their or the Student-driver's future responsibilities and will set training dates that will be canceled because the Client forgot about __________ that takes priority over the driving appointment.

      C.  A Client that is not motivated enough to check our on line Scheduling Calendar for available times (www.JodaCollins.com) or call the office (850 981-3355) to schedule after verifying their calendar availability is not motivated enough to enter into any agreement with me for driver's training. If I have to beg a person to schedule, then i have to beg them to show up for training.  I do not beg for Student-drivers. I offer life-saving service.  If I have to beg someone to take it, they are not yet mature enough to drive or appreciate the service.


The most difficult and stressful thing about my job is trying to work with people who agree to, accept and promise to honor the Service Contract but want Service that is contrary to and/or not part of the Service Contract Agreement. It is usually because they have not carefully read the Service Contract before signing it.  There are specific do's and don'ts specified in great detail in the Contract. I have grown weary of trying to explain the specifics of the scheduling options and procedure on the phone. If a Client's scheduling attempt does not meet the contractually agreed on process or procedure, it is easier for me or my staff to reference the Service Contract for the Client's re-reading, than to explain the Service Agreement on the phone.  While I encourage and welcome any questions about the content of the Service Contract, I do not welcome being expected to explain or read the Contract to those who have chosen not to read it carefully. That is not how adults are supposed to function/act.


The financial investment can be hundreds or thousands of dollars. The time investment can be dozens of hours. The energy investment can drain all of a person's energy.  The questions to answer are many and the words to give a good, thought out and deserved answer are many.. The Service Contract is a legal document reviewed annually by our attorney for accuracy and legally required content. Services offered. responsibilities and benefits are many.  Options are many.  The average adult reader in the United States reads at a 7th grade level so grandiose (big) words have to be replaced with many simple-little words that clarify, compound sentences have to be replaced with two or three simple sentences, concepts that many easily understand with a few words of explanation have to be explained with many words in great detail for the many who do not easily understand.  For example, one of my Contracts reads, "If a Student-driver will memorize the procedure for the three point turn on  his or her own time for free, that will require less training time and typically saves a driver up to 50% since he or she is not using paid driving time to memorize."  Over and over I have been asked why a Client did not get 50% off the training fee since the driver memorized the three point turn procedure on his or her own time for free. Out of consideration for those with lower reading comprehension skills I added the following, "Spending 50% less time on learning the three point turn because a driver memorized the steps on his or her own time for free is not the same thing as getting training for half-off."  The entire Contract has such added words to clarify. How could such a document be anything other than long and boring?  It is as short a possible and still serve the need.  I am open to any suggestions about how to make the Service Contract shorter without removing important and relevant information.  Show me something that is fun to read and I will show you something that is not a legal Contract. Read the Contract with pen in hand.  As you read it write down in your own words, everything that is a responsibility you have and your best understanding of every sentence with a dollar amount in it; and you will have a short contract summary that is easy to read and remember.


How is it that the self-study from the workbook can make at 40% to 50% difference in the student-diriver's rate of progress behind the wheel?  Learning to be a safe-defensive driver not a physical endeavor such as football, golf or playing the piano, where repetition of physical movements and learned or natural physical ability/coordination are primary keys to success. The only significant physical ability (coordination) that is needed in driving is proper steering.  The rest of it is primarily about the:
     1.  Driver's attitude, the
     2.  Rules of the road, the
     3.  Twelve General Safety Skills and 23 Defensive Driving Techniques as facts, and
     4.  The logic that under gird the 12 General Safety Skills and the 23 Defensive Driving Techniques.
     5.  The application of the rules of the road, 12 General Safety Skills, 23 Defensive Driving Skills can only be accomplishes while in the car.  Everything else (1, 2, 3 and 4 above) can be learned by reading.  

Just from a mathematically standpoint only one out of five things (20%) that create a safe-defensive driver have to be learned while in a training car.  Eighty percent of what it takes to become a safe-defensive driver can be learned at home, from a book, for FREE. 
For more info, see item 39 near the bottom of the column to the far right of this page.


Read #39 above.  Also go to:


   In addition, many if not most people, new and experienced driver alike, are convinced they are much better drivers than they are.  It is impossible to teach a lot to a person that is convinced they do not have a lot to learn. In my estimation, 85% of drivers think they are better drivers than 50% of the drivers on the road. To a large degree driving on the open road is considerably more deadly than is should be simply because people who should be terrified to drive due to the danger they cause themselves and others, feel very confident they are very safe drivers.

41MY SOCIAL MEDIA RECOMMENDATIONS ARE TYPICALLY FIVES OR ONES.  It appears I am either a hated or loved instructor.   PROVERBS 9:7-8 states,  "If you provide instruction and correction to a foolish person, you will get a rude response.  He will snarl at you. So don’t bother with him and don't waste your time or energy on him; he will only hate you for trying to help him. But a wise man, when rebuked, corrected and/or instructed, will love you all the more and become wiser."  (Amplified Version as influenced by other translations.)

42.  WE DO NOT INITIATE PHONE CALLS TO SCHEDULE TRAINING. If you want to know why, go to Item 42 in the far right column for more information.


It is too expensive to allow. For details see #43 in far right column.  


This is too complicated a question to answer briefly.  See Item 44 in far right column.


When a driver has less than 90 General Safety Points that driver is doing a lot of the basics for safe driving wrong.  That is why I never suggest a driver drive with anyone except me until said driver reaches 90 General Safety Points, otherwise, driver is just reinforcing (make more of a habit) really bad driving that takes me longer to correct.

    Also, see Item 45 in far right column for more detailed and additional response.


      A. Awareness = I see....

      B. Knowledge = I know.....

      C. Application = I do....

      D. Patience = I wait....

      E. Responsibility = I accept my.....

     A. The Golden Rule.

     B. The Better Business  Bureau Ethical Guidelines as found at: https://www.bbb.org/bbb-accreditation-standards  and/or 

BBB Accreditation Standards | Better Business Bureau®

If the above links do not work by clicking on them, copy and paste the www address to your search engine bar. 


Call 850 981-3355 or 

email JodaCollins@aol.com 

For no door-to-door pick up fee the second and following lessons begin and end in the parking of the Dollar General Store that is immediately across the street from where the first lesson started.  I will be in the first vehicle on your left as you enter the only parking lot entrance to this small business.  


Email:  JodaCollins@aol.com


+7pnp​​This is not a secure website meaning anyone can read everything on it; therefore, personal info cannot/will not be entered on this web site. 

         Email (jodacollins@aol.com) or telephone (850 981-3355) to schedule and provided your requested dates.  ​​

I (Joda Collins) crack a back window and keep the fresh air flow with air conditioner or heater on. Thus, there is a constant flow of fresh and new air passing by the driver and me and out the back window 100% of the time.  I sanitize my vehicle (steering wheel, turn signals, transmission lever and more) after every lesson.  I sanitize my hands just before meeting and greeting every student.  Upon your request, I have alcohol wipes available for you to use on your hands.  When you get in my training vehicle, you are in the most sanitized area you will be in that day other than isolated in your home. If you want to wear a mask, I will also wear a mask. However, many people who wear masks mumble because lips are restricted by the mask harness or lips against cloth, so extra effort has to be given to clear speech for safety sake. Also, if you wear a mask please be sure to speak up a little if I ask you to. Most who wear a mask mistake their voice ricochet coming back at them as speaking louder than they are. When road noise is added in the moving car and traffic, speaking louder than might be comfortable for mask wearers might be necessary for me to hear you.


(See month and days listed in blue ink.)​​​

    A.  75-minute lesson: 
Select any time and date

         regardless of print color.

    B.  1.5-hour lesson:  Select any time and date

          regardless of print color EXCEPT Saturday

          morning, unless otherwise advised.

    C.  2-hour lesson: Select any time and date

         regardless of print color.

    D.  3 or 4-hour lesson:  Select any time

         EXCEPT  times in black print.  Select any time in

         green or purple print.

    E.  5 or 6-hour lesson:  Select any time in green

         print only.

         IMPORTANT NOTE: You cannot schedule here. You must email (JodaCollins@aol.com) to schedule unless otherwise arranged/approved.  Normally, we do not accept phone calls or voice mail scheduling requests. If you want to know why, just ask.

Driver's must have permit for at least 91-days to drive after sunset​​​.​​ 

Add 30-minutes to the start time of all 10AM appointments where door-to-door service is provided. 

Schedule by email at no added charge. Schedule by phone or voice mail for $10 added charge.

Sept 29:  Any start time between 2pm & 4pm

                and between4:05 pm and  8:45pm

Sept 30 & Oct 4:Any start time between 10am and

                          4pm and between 4:05pm and 8:45pm

Oct 5:  10am, 11am, 12Noon, 1pm, 2pm, 2:30pm

Oct 6, 7 & 8:  Any start time between 10am and 4pm

                       and between 4:05pm and 8:45pm.

Oct 12: 10am, 11am, 12Noon, 1pm, 2pm, 2:30pm

Oct 13 & 14: Any start time between 10am and
                         4pm and between 4:05pm and 8:45pm. 

Oct 15:1:30pm, 5pm, 8:30pm

Oct 18:  Any start time between 10am and 4pm and

              between 4:05pm and 8:45pm. 

Oct 19: 10am, 11am, 12Noon, 1pm, 2pm, 2:30pm

Oct 20 & 21:   Any start time between 10am and
                        4pm and between 4:05pm
& 8:45pm.

Oct 22:  1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm 4:30pm, 5pm,


Oct 25:  Any start time between 10am and 4pm and

              between 4:05pm and 8:45pm

Oct 26:   10am, 11am, 12Noon, 1pm, 2pm, 2:30pm

Oct 27 & following: Any start time between 10am     

               and 4pm and between 4:05pm and 8:45pm.

Add 30-minutes to the start time of all 10AM appointments where door-to-door service is provided.​​

Please read everything in this column before scheduling.  Questions? Just ask via phone or email.  Thank you!

     Appointments,other than AM appointments, can begin 15-minutes before or 15-min after noted time.​​

Weekday training is less money per lesson than Saturday training.

     Must have permit 91-days to drive at night. ​​

     We do not schedule service without an agreed on Service Contact. We cannot accept scheduling requests from anyone except the person who signs our Contract as the Financially Responsible Person; we cannot hold the financially responsible person financially responsible for someone else's actions. You can secure an email copy or reference to our service contract by calling 850 981-3355 and providing to us your email address and how we can serve you, or by emailing us at JodaCollins@aol.com


1. The best way to learn to drive in the rain is to train in the rain. ​

2. Learn to drive at night by night time training.  Must have permit 91-days to drive at night.  Type in any search engine Sunset for Pensacola, FL to discover sunset for your selected day.

3.  Caution: We do not reschedule lessons due to wind/rain unless there is a National Weather Advisory that predicts adverse weather will exist in Santa Rosa or Escambia Counties within three-hours of your lesson.  A scary forecast is not a national weather advisory. If

4.  If you cannot find times that are good for you, let me know and I will see about adjusting the schedule of others to better accommodate you. 

5. We give priority scheduling to email requests.

6. This web page is manually (not automatically) updated with each lesson scheduled so there is a slight chance of an overlap requests. If this happens, we can only apologize and honor the first request. Our best attempts to find a program that can auto update our scheduling calendar continues to fail because we offer varied times.
5. All listed times are start times and each lesson is one-hour and 15-minutes unless otherwise stated in your Contact. 

6. Unless otherwise stated in your Contract, weekday training is $5 per lesson less than Saturday training in an effort to free more Saturday time which fills up first and fastest. 

7. I (Joda Collins) stay busy about three to seven days in advance.   

8. The best learning curve for most students is two or three days per week with one or two days between lessons.


My Commitment to You!

Excellent teaching

from a patient Instructor

Behind-the-Wheel Training 

850  981-3355


Driving directions to the start location for lesson two and following.

To check for available start times, read the left column. 

Email your request to JodaCollins@aol.com or call 850 981-3355.   

Behind-the-Wheel and Internet Training 

              MY RESPONSE TO


Online reviews, positive or negative, can have a serious affect on a business.  I do not pay agencies to get rid of negative reviews  (https://guaranteedremovals.com) I do not buy positive reviews from those who sell them in bulk

(https://getreviews.buzz/buy-reviews-online). I do not give free service or discounts in exchange for positive reviews. I do not ask my employees to write bogus positive reviews or ask their friends to do so.  If you find a business that is not near mandatory repeat business for the same person on a regular schedule (as is a dentist, doctor or lawyer), that has an average of all reviews at or near five stars, you can be reasonably sure that business does one or all of these things. Remember the old saying, "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is." I cannot get into some of the web sites to respond for some reason including some web sites that do not allow a business to respond!  In 14-years of service, training more than 2,100 drivers and working for more than 3,000 parents I have, at last count 17 negative reviews.  Three come from the same person who posted under three different names, thus I have 15 negative reviews.  One person lives in Miami and I have never met the person nor has that person ever been a student of mine nor ridden in any vehicle where I was the instructor.  She has absolutely NO first hand knowledge of me or my business. Her original post was several years ago and she re-posted it recently. She did call me on the phone a few years ago and yelled at me for about five minutes. I listened to her yelling and thanked her for her call, graciously said good-bye and hung up. Everything she wrote sounds absurd because it is.  She seems to be a lunitic. There is something very off about her, to say the least. Nothing of what she wrote is true, I assure you.  That leaves 14 negative reviews. Four negative reviews use full names of which I have never had any association with any of those four which leaves 11 possible negative reviews out of more than 5,000 business relationships with people over a 14-year period of time. The BBB assures me that such lying is common practice on review sites because hateful people can lie with with no consequences to them.  One is from a woman who took offense because I am well-educated in serving mentally and physically handicapped drivers. I have a BA in psychology, about 10-years of substitute teaching K-12 and was the first one called in two counties when there was a special education teacher needed, I have written a book regarding abnormal behavior and how to deal with it, taught more than 400 students with ADD or ADhD how to drive and teach driver's training for Vocational Rehabilitation students in two counties.   Her son was 19-years old, and has extreme ADHD. I related most of this very dangerous driving as caused by ADHD.  I explained to him how ADHD was related to his dangerous driving. I allowed the mother to ride during the training. Evidently, she took offense because I have used hundreds of hours of my free time to become educated in learning about ADHD and accused me of bragging that I know more about ADHD than all doctors, which I absolutely never said.  Her son posted his dislike that I was able to identify his ADHD (which he tried to hide) and tried to help him see the correlation between is deadly-dangerous driving and ADHD.  Both the driver and the mother took offense in a highly childish manner.  I knew this immediately but finished the lesson anyway and returned 100% of her payment to her including a significant travel fee and toll bridge charges to another city.  That leaves a possible nine negative reviews. One negative report came from a teenager that seemed to me to be "on something" when we first met. She was argumentative and irrational from the start. I let her know she needed to calm down and quit verbally attacking me or I would not serve her nor allow her to be behind the wheel of my car. She continued in her out of control behavior, so as politely as I could, I excused myself.  That leaves eight negative reviews out of more than 5,100 people I have done business with in 14-years. That is a negative rate of one negative recommendation out of every 637 people I have served directly as drivers or as paying clients (parents and/or spouses).  None of them gave me a chance to resolve their concerns before slamming me on social media.  No one makes everyone one happy 100% of the time. By any business or personal standard one negative person out of every 637 served is a highly respectable record. Also, some people only feel good about themselves when they slander, liable, ridicule and complain about others. We all know such people. In addition to that, 4% of Americans, by the standards of the American Psychological Association, qualify as mentally-unbalanced (narcissists, psychopaths or sociopaths). Four percent of the 5,100 I have served is 216. By that standard I am significantly successful at working, even, with mentally unbalanced people.  I am a Christian man, served as a caring and gracious pastor for more than 20-years, and am a member of the BBB with a A+ BBB rating for my business. I only ask for payment for the first lesson to start with. If you, the Client (financially responsible person) ride during the first training lesson and find me repulsive or my teaching unacceptable, ask for your money back for that first lesson within 24-hours and before scheduling a second lesson and you will get it back within 24-hours. EXCEPTIONS: If training is State or Court mandated, paid for by any agency, you (the Client) did not ride during the first lesson thus have no first hand knowledge of my teaching skill), you are enrolled in the Pass the State Driving Exam Only Course; I can often teach a new driver to pass the State driving exam in only one lesson.  Also, no door to door fees are refundable except as clarified in the Contract.

From Gulf Breeze (near the toll bridge)
Take the toll bridge towards Interstate 10.  Take Interstate 10 East.  Take the first exit (#26). Turn left at the stop sign.  It is the first building on your right.
From Navarre and Gulf Breeze (near Hwy 87)
Take Hwy 87 North.  Take I-10 East. Take Exit 26. Bear right at first intersection. Go under 1-10. It is the first building on your right.


Tell me what your needs and goals are and I will direct you to the specific part of my web site that gives you 100% of the info you need.



My Specialty is Defensive Driving.  
I have driven almost 1.2 million miles (including 18-wheeler, bob-tail truck, UPS Package delivery truck, as a chauffeur and a driving Instructor) and developed safe-defensive driving skills at the highest level.  As a driving Instructor for almost 2,100 students (about 8,000 lessons, 10,000 training hours and 220,000 training miles), I have gained the ability to work with every kind of student at every level of driving skill.    However, I do not serve narcissists, psychopaths or sociopaths.  Life is too short and I am too much life-experience to spend time with, energy on and place trust in psychological predators. Been there. Done that. No thank you!  I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.  So far, out of more than 2,000 student applications, I have only refused service to nine.   I should have refused service to ten; LOL.  (You know who you are!)

My Business Structure
I have a small business with three people assisting me about two-hours per week each. This means you are, usually, receiving the attention of the business owner. If someone is in the office, we will answer the phone. If no one is in the office, we try to return every phone call and every email within two-hours.  Phone 850 981-3355.  Email: JodaCollins@aol.com.

My Business Goal
I have only one goal.That goal is to be the best defensive driving school in the world.  What does it take to be the best driving school in the world? 

         1.  An experienced, dedicated instructor (me) that will train you and yours with the mind-set that the driver's

              life depends on the quality of service he/she receives and a devotion to invest in each student as if the                         student was his own child, sibling or parent.    

         2.  A commitment to do everything, exceptionally, well.  

         3.  A Client-centered and Driver-centered business that makes the needs and desires of every Client and every 
             Driver the priority, second only to safety and, at least, a moderate degree of  reasonableness.                           

Without reservation of thought, I tell you that because of my driving and training experience and expertise, love of what I do, commitment to your safety, and willingness to work hard to help you, I offer you the "best" defensive driver's training that you can find anywhere in the world.  That is a bold statement; however, I believe it to be an accurate statement. Some driving school has to be the best. This is it!  In reality, since few business have highly-experienced staff who are dedicated, first and foremost, to your success and to pleasing you as a priority, the field of top-quality businesses, in any business, is not large.   When the person giving you most of the service is the business owner, that is a positive with regards to receiving the best service.  

       Very few driving instructors have the vast experience behind-the-wheel that I have. And, driving instructors                    come and go often.  Very few have trained 2,000 drivers!  

      Full revelation of details.  I am a man of many words because it takes a lot of words to reveal all information.  I would  rather lose your business than have your business and you be confused about what you are paying for or what  to expect.  I do not like confrontation. I will do my best to explain to you exactly what to expect. I do not bait and           switch, misrepresent, lie, conceal or withhold information. I have no small print where information is hidden that             is designed to hurt you or take advantage of you.  I will answer any question you have as honestly and as fully             as I can.  I will put anything I say in print and sign it.  I have never failed to keep my word.  To the best of my                  knowledge no one has ever accused me of not keeping my word.

850 981-3355

I (Joda Collins) do all of the training.  I drove bob-tail truck for 10-years, package delivery truck for UPS, 18-wheeler, 27-foot motor home with vehicle in tow, 15-passenger military transport vehicle (in the AF), and as a chauffeur.  I have more provided more than 10,600 hours of driver training instruction to more than 2,100 student-drivers covering more than 245,000 miles crash free in my training vehicle except for one super light bump in the rear from a driver who tapped us at a traffic light while she was texting. No damage. 

From Pensacola 
Take I-10 East over the Escambia Bay Bridge.  Take your second exit (#26). Turn left at first stop sign. The Shell Station is immediately on your right.

From Pace
Take Highway 90 towards Milton.Turn right on Avalon Blvd (at the PJC entrance). Take Interstate 10 East, take first exit (#26). Turn left at the first stop sign.  The Shell Station is the first building on your right.
From Milton (near I-10)
The Shell Station on the North Side of I-10 at Exit 26. 

26. I signed but did not read the Working Agreement. Now that there is a problem because I did not read the Working Agreement, can I be held accountable for what I think the Working Agreement should have stated rather than what it actually stated?

       I have never had a strained working relationship with a driver, spouse or parent or agency representative who read the Working Agreement and began business with me committed to honoring their word. 

Talk with me (Joda Collins) and let's solve the problem. 


For directions and/or address in Escambia County call 472-0031. For Santa Rosa County call 983-1800. 

We do not charge for parking and/or three point turn training, in whole or in part, if the following conditions are met:
1.  Driver has memorized the steps for parking and three point turn, in whole or in part, well enough to quote them without hesitation or assistance and upon request before training for parking and three point turn during paid sessions.  This means driver does not have memorize all the steps at one time.  Memorize as much or as little as you want and we can practice what you have memorizes free of charge to you anytime you want. It only takes about 45 seconds to to a complete three point turn after steps are memorized and it only takes about two minutes to enter and exit a parking space in accord with State law once the steps are memorized. So, all I do is a two or three minutes to any existing lesson at no charge any time a driver wants to practice what he or she has memorized of the steps for parking and/or three point turn. 
2.  Before memorizing the steps for parking and three point turn, read carefully www.jodacollins.com, Agreement page, section one, colored print.
3. Driver must have at least 90 General Safety Points before practicing parking and/or three point turn if using the Joda Collins Driving Acdy vehicle for parking and three point turn training.

I make this FREE learning available for several reasons

    1.  I prefer not to take money from Clients telling them what is in the workbook when the driver can learn the content of the workbook for free.  That is just my nature. It seems dishonest and disingenuous to me. I have been told by other driving school owners that I am a fool to give away that information because it is giving away most of my profit.  

One driving school owner told me that he wants his training vehicle stationary 50% of the time while explaining things to drivers because it decreases his chances of a crash by 50% and increases his profit 50% because drivers have to take twice the lessons. That is all true.  However, I cannot do that in good conscience without giving the driver the opportunity to learn for FREE on his or her own time all that is possible to learn by reading and spend 100% of his or her training time learning only that which can be learned by being the vehicle and/or driving.

     2.  Once in a while, I get a driver that really wants to learn but does not have the money or access to a person with the money to pay for driver's training.  If that person will seriously devote himself or herself to the study of the workbook, it is very possible that he or she can reach his or her driving goals with only a 20% financial investment.  My conscience will not allow me to turn away from such a person just because he or she is poor.  It I turn such people away, sooner or later one or more of them will get in a car crash and seriously injure or kill him or herself and/or others.  I d not want that on my conscience.
          a. To date I have had 31 such drivers, and offered every one of them this deal.  None have accepted the offer, although all were willing to take driver's training if I gave them 80% off and did all the work to tell them, during driver's training, what was in the workbook. The fact that 100% rejected my offer is beside the point because my conscience is clear; I made the offer.  Neither am I willing to work for 20%.  

Only about one in 25 drivers opt to learn anything from the workbook and only about one in 20 clients encourage the student to learn anything from the workbook. Therefore, offer the workbook cost me very little in possible profit. The overwhelming majority of drivers and clients decided they would prefer for me to charge them by the minute to tell them during driver's training what is in the workbook that read it on their own time for free.  That is fine with me.  The reality is I probably would no be able to make a living with my driver's training school if I only collect 50% to 60% of the income I now collect.  Most of us could to do well on 50% of our current income!  I did my part in offering FREE learning. I cannot make a person learn for FREE.

Some people have some good reasons for not reading the workbook.  Some are really busy with other duties and/or projects in life. They find it easier and better to extend drivers training by 40% to 50% than find the time in their busy life to read or do any more.  Some are poor readers and cannot read.  Some do not read English and have no one to help them with the reading information. 

Others have bad reasons for not reading the book. They are spending someone else's money for driver's training and do not care what it costs, some doubt my claim that most of what is needed to become a skilled safe-defensive driver can be learned from reading, some are just lazy.   I do my part in offering FREE learning. I cannot make a person learn for FREE.

Regarding the follow:
     1.  Driver's attitude.
     2.  Rules of the road.
     3.  Twelve General Safety Skills and 23 Defensive Driving Techniques as facts
     4.  The logic that under gird the 12 General Safety Skills and the 23 Defensive Driving Techniques. 

1.  Driver's attitude.
It is easy to teach safe-defensive driving to a driver that respects the teacher, is willing to give a good effort to follow the instructions of the teacher and is interested and motivated to learn.  It is impossible or nearly impossible to teach anyone anything if the student does not respect the teacher, is not willing to give a good effort to follow instructions and is not interested or motivated to learn.

Many people, younger and older, enter into driver's training with a bad attitude towards being taught, a negative attitude towards authorities, and/or a disrespectful attitude towards me - a person they have never even met before. I can identify that spirit of hate, negativity, rebellion and disrespect in about one second and before the person even says a word.  

Before I can teach that person, that person has to change their attitude. The way I try to get them to change their attitude is I let them know that I am aware of their hateful, negative, rebellious towards authority and disrespect towards me.  I do that by not allowing them to treat me or speak to me in a hateful, negative, rebellions and/or disrespectful manner without confronting them about doing so. I am not a spittoon.  I refuse to be one for anyone.  About two in ten will change their attitude enough that he or she can learn something.  About one in ten will change his or her attitude enough that he or she can learn a lot.  About eight out of ten get mad, stay mad, take one lesson and never come back.  I am happy about the first possibility, very happy when the second possibility occurs, and have come to accept the third possibility; there is nothing I can do for a person who is heart and soul devoted to being a nasty person.  We all make our own choices in life.

In the beginning of my book I deal with people who have a bad attitude.  The person with a bad attitude is allowed to read how I dealt with people before him or her who approached me with the same bad attitudes they have.  However, the reader get this training in a low non-confrontive way.  I am confronting them only in print and not confronting them in person if they enter my training with the same bad attitude.  About 50% of those with a bad attitude, that are confronted indirectly like this (by reading) change their attitude immediately and enter or continue training with me and do with a pretty good to an excellent attitude.  Students with a good attitude towards being taught always progress faster in training (getting more success for their time and financial investment) and, therefore, at less expense (fewer lessons needed to reach their learning goals or capacity). 

     2.  Rules of the road.
     3.  Twelve General Safety Skills and 23 Defensive Driving Techniques as facts.
     4.  The logic that under gird the 12 General Safety Skills and the 23 Defensive Driving Techniques. 

All of the above (2, 3 and 4) are just facts.  Any fact can be learned, understood and/or memorized from the printed page.  See also:

https://ppsimmons.blogspot.com/2019/09/most-people-prior-to-age-25-lack-good.html .


      A. If the client is out we end up playing phone tag and just adds one more thing to do to our already long list of to dos.

      B.  It does not give the client sufficient time to check his or her calendar to be sure there are no other commitments to work around, thus a very high percent of lessons we schedule via our phone contact were missed and/or rescheduled.

       C.  If we have to initiate the call to schedule, we usually have to initiate a request for the driver to keep his appointment.  Uninterested people will not contact us, and that is their choice.

        D.  Clients often want to schedule tentatively for a few hours or days while they check with someone else or about some other possible calendar conflict. That just puts a lot of extra admin work on our plate.


It is too expensive.  When I first bought my car I had to have the front end aligned every two to three months and I was only getting about 24,000 miles from my 40,000 mile tires. A vehicle should only require a front end alignment every four or five years, not every two months. Between taking my car in for a front end alignment every two months, paying almost twice as much for tires and the half day of work I lost while my car was in the shop for front end alignments, it was costing me about $3,500 per year extra.   After several front end alignments in the first year I owed the car, the vehicle mechanic asked me if I was "doing a lot of steering with the vehicle stationary?"  I responded, "Yes, several times per day almost every day when I am teaching the three-point turn."  He said, "Be sure the vehicle is move no less than one half mile per hour before you turn the steering wheel, and that will end your need for a front end alignment every couple of months and will allow you to get 40,000 miles life from your tires not 24,000 miles."   I did.  He was right.

    Therefore, when I teach the three-point turn using my vehicle I require all steering be accomplished while the vehicle is moving at least as fast as a busy ant walks. If you want to or need to learn the three-point turn in a vehicle where you can steer with the vehicle stationary, I am happy to teach the three-point turn in your vehicle. The only difference is in my car the step is "when safe go and turn" while the procedure in your car is "turn and go when safe."

    Normally, unless otherwise informed by you, without solicitation for your response, I will assume you want to use my vehicle for the three-point turn training.  If you want to use your insured vehicle for three-point turn training, be bold about telling me so.

    A. The following people are not highly motivated to speak well of me no matter what: teenagers who are mad at their parents because their parents are forcing them to take driver's training, teenagers who are still in that teenage rebellious stage of life where they think they know it all and that no one can teach them anything, drivers that are mandated by the State to take driver's training because they are crash prone drivers who will lose their license if they do not take four hours of driver's training often enter training angry at the State and see me as some kind of enemy, driver's who get mad at me because I expose their bad driving habits, drivers who get mad at me because I will not allow them to drive my vehicle in a dangerous manner and put my life at risk just to make them happy, drivers who cannot accept the fact they are dangerous drivers and drivers who cannot or will not accept constructive criticism.

    "(If you) correct conceited people; they will hate you for it. But if you correct the wise, they will respect you."  Proverbs 9:8.  Good News Translation.

    B. It is hard to get people to make positive comments about me on social media because many parents do not want to admit they opted not to train their own child or they feel it is no one else's business.  Many drivers who are mandated by the State to take driver's training as a condition of keeping their license do not want to admit on social media they are deemed by the State to be crash prone drivers. Such drivers are less likely to use social media to compliment me. In addition, giving a positive report about me takes time and many people are not willing to donate that time.
    Part of my Contract with all drivers is they promise, in writing, to speak to me if I do anything that they dislike.  Not one person who has slammed me on social media has afforded me that opportunity. That fact speaks to their poor character, not mine.  In addition, many of those who slam me on social media, are making a double or triple complaint against me using different email addresses and/or names.
    All I can say is that I do my best and have served more than 2,000 drivers and more than 3,500 parents and/or spouses. Out of those 5,500 or so people, a couple of dozen people do not like me.  That is not a bad percentage, considering all of the factors noted above. Also, I am a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.  That should tell you something about me, and something about those that complain about me.
    Statistically, four percent of the world population are mentally-unbalanced (sociopath, psychopaths and/or narcissists) and live to hurt, attack and destroy others.  Four percent of 5,500 is 220 people which is far, far more than the few who attack me me on social media.


This is an email I wrote to a parent.

-----Original Message-----
From: Staff Member Jackie, Carmela or John @ <jodacollins@aol.com>
To: Email address removed.
Sent: Fri, Mar 18, 2022 9:44 pm
Subject: Student #2,039

Driver did well today.  Resolved standard right and left turns; able to stay in her lane throughout.  Able to turn round in cul de sac in one turn; no reverse or U turn required there.  Stopping behind stop sign rather than with stop sign behind. Next driving and/or legal skills to teach.
   1.  A full stop a stop-signs even if no vehicle or pedestrian is coming
.   2.  See right of way order at stop signs before stopping at stop signs.
   3.  No delay of normal flow of traffic at stop signs.
   4. Learn when a double stop is mandatory at stop signs.
   5  The ability to judge the speed of oncoming traffic.
   6. Proper, legal and timely left turns in traffic.
   7.  Merging.
   8.  Proper speed when approaching red lights (too fast and braking too late).
   9.  No tailgating.
  10.  Replacing tunnel vision with scanning, starting  with seeing traffic signs, traffic lights and pavement markings.
   11.  Allowing wheel to slide through hands to complete standard right and left turns.
   12.  Backing.
    13.  Looking and thinking far enough ahead to be reasonably safe at 25mph in 35mph zones.
     These are not all of the skills driver needs but these are the next set of skills to work on.   The longer it takes to learn these skills the longer the training will take in total as driver is solidifying bad driving habits along the way. For example, if working on skills 1, 8, and 11 only, then skills 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12 and 13 are all being done poorly and with each skill being done poorly over and over, that skill becomes more and more a habit; habits are hard to break and take long time to overcome. 
     Learning proper skills is a battle against time. When a person has 90 General Safety Points, driver has won the battle against time.  Before 90 points, every lesson where a driver has not learned anything significant increases the total time it will take driver to become a safe driver.
     At 90 points I am no longer required to use the brake or take over steering to avoid crashing in order to keep driver challenged at her maximum learning speed level.  It is possible to lower the learning speed (challenge level) so no braking no steering intervention is needed to avoid crashing but lowering the challenge level and leaning speed increases the total number of hours needed to become a safe driver because of the additional miles and hours a driver has to be allowed to drive with many bad driving habits (everything cannot be done at once) becoming more set.

Driver is, in my estimation, four to six more 75-minute lessons from 90 General Safety Points.
When a driver is able to do diving skills while thinking about them (not habits yet), regression is normal when not constantly reminded to do them.  The list of what the driver can do when often reminded is long but will deteriorate if not constantly reminded to do they until said skills becomes habit.
The minimum skill level I recommend a driver be at before being released from my training is 90 General Safety Points for all the reasons I noted above and more.

DRIVER IS REASONABLY SAFE driving in memorized speed zones of 35mph at speeds not to exceed 25mph. when driving in memorized driving areas and when faced with no emergencies or semi-emergencies.
     The danger and draw back about driving in memorized areas are the driver soon learns not to attempt to scan the driving environment and not to look or think far ahead as none of these skills are needed to drive safely in memorized areas. Then when driver succeeds in driving in memorized areas he or she is placed in non-memorized areas and the habits of tunnel vision, short-seeing, and short-thinking are greatly solidified bad driving habits and take a long, long time to break.  It is better to put driver in non-memorized driving environments now but doing so requires a severe increase in the probably of needed to wisely use a second brake and take abruptly take over steering to avoid crashing.  Driving in memorized areas is safer now and more dangerous later -- a trade off that too often ends with a driver who, for a lifetime, is limited to safe driving only in memorized areas. 

To contact me -- 
call 850 981-3355 or email JodaCollins@aol.com .

The web site below this paragraph brings together relevant information on a variety of topical subjects including tips on teenage driving and refresher courses for the mature driver.  



Charges range from $126 to $156 per 75-minute lesson depending on several variable.  Our Contract found at www.JodaCollins.com, Agreement page, Section Six clarifies charges in great detail. Or just call and ask. 

    All prices quoted are "non-credit card" prices. If you use Visa or MasterCard please re-add the "non-credit card discount" by increasing the total by 7%. 

    Drivers who avail themselves to all of the financial benefits we offer can safe up to 60% on driver's training expense. Do the self-study, turn in the written work as asked, read and contemplate on  the Progress Reports you will get, memorize the things we give you to memorize, ask questions via email between lessons, and reduce your training expense up to 60%. This is not the same thing as paying 60% less per lesson.

CHECKS:  On prior written approval we accept permanent checks drawn on a local (Santa Rosa or Escambia County, Florida) financial institution.  We do not accept checks drawn on out of State or out of County financial institutions because our bank puts a 10 to 14 day hold on most out of area checks as it often takes 10 to 14 days or an out of area check to clear the banking system. By that time, an unscrupulous client can have his or her training completed and leave us with worthless paper as payment for our services.  You are probably an honest person, but we do not know that for sure because we do not know you well.  No offense is intended. This is just good business and this policy is recommended to us by our bank and our attorney.  We define a check drawn on an Escambia, Okaloosa or Santa Rosa County bank as a check with the printed address of the bank being in Santa Rosa, Okaloosa or Escambia County even if the bank is nationally-known. For example, a Bank of America check with an address of Ohio noted on the check is not, in our policy, a local check. We do not debate this with clients.

We do not use PayPal. PayPal is just another third party to pay and just increases my expense and your charge. All expenses are passed on to clients. 

When using Visa or MasterCard we collect that information from you in a secure fashion that we will clarify at your request.

There are various courses and various financial options within each course.  The first lesson is $140 for weekdays, $145 for Saturdays which includes a 7% discount for not using Visa or MasterCard. If you are using Visa or MasterCard please notify  us immediately.  All discounts and rebates are retroactive to the first lesson. Before you pay for lesson two.  All charges will be clarified to you to the penny. All money paid in advance is 100% refundable if asked for with at least a two-hour notice.

Everybody wins. 
I do not negotiate my charges.  Everyone pays the same rate. That way, I can honestly and with integrity say that I am not charging one person more than another person. Please do not try to dicker with me for a lower price. I am not selling used cars. I am not selling anything. I provide a valuable life-saving service. If you do not feel my services are worth the charge, then do not do business with me.  Pretty simple.  Please do not expect me to compromise my business integrity by asking for more discounts, rebates or more free services than I offer to everyone else. Please do not ask me to give to you as a courtesy what others have the courtesy not ask for.  I give a way a lot. I give away enough. I cannot give away more and stay in business.  Thank you for your consideration.

Completion is based on the number of hours behind-the-wheel if your goal is a specific number of training hours or the ability to perform the driving skills you stated at the start of your training that you desired to accomplish. A combination of commonly desired driving skills has been combined to form standard "Courses" which you can view on our Course page. 

Each driver is unique. After the first driving lesson, I will be able to provide a non-binding estimate (educated guess) of how many more lessons, if any, I think will be needed to reach your expressed driving goals. I am pretty good at this, but there are a lot of variables I have over which I have no control. 

No, because graduation is based on driving skill not time behind the wheel.  For example, a four-year college degree is not guaranteed in four-years from the date the student takes his or her first class.

Most students graduate the course with an A, B, C or D grade in the designated time frame of the course. However, some fail. 

The reason some fail is that they do not get sufficient mastery of the course material to "pass" the course.   However, the course time is sufficient for the average student with average devotion to task to pass. 

Most pass in the time frame designated in the course they qualify for.  Course time estimates are based on the prerequisite courses. For example, a four-year college degree (Bachelor's Degree) takes 16-years of training (K through 16) not four years.  

Drivers who do all of the following usually complete their training in half the time that drivers who do none of the following require:
A.  By the start of lesson one memorize the following five words in consecutive order, "ahead, behind, mirror, shoulder, signal."
B.  At the start of lesson one, turn in the written work for no less than 10-pages of reading or four hours of devoted reading (whichever is less) in the Workbook

C.  At the start of every lesson beginning with lesson two, turn in the written work for 30-pages of reading or four hours of devoted reading (whichever is less) in the Workbook.  
D.  Memorizes the steps for parking and three-point turn on your own time rather than use behind-the-wheel time for memory work.  One student memorized the steps for parking and three-point turn in 30-minutes.  One student said it took him nine hours.  A few told me it was impossible for them to memorize yet each had memorized their name, addresses, telephone number and a host of other things such as locker combination, operating procedures for computers and cell phone, driving routes to and from school and more.  It is human nature to say "I can't" instead of "I don't want to."           Most students tell me it takes about 2.5 hours to memorize the steps for parking and three-point turn.  It takes most students two lessons 75-minute lessons to memorize the steps for parking and three-point turn during paid training.

E.  Be able to do hand-over-hand steering by the end of lesson two if taking three or more lessons.
F.  On the first lesson, if you ask me to, I will show you parking and three-point turn and quote the steps as I show you parking and three point turn. That visual will help you memorize the steps.
     Drivers who cannot memorize, think they cannot memorize or opt not to memorize the steps for parking and three point turn on their own time for FREE are invited to memorize the steps during paid driving time.  
     The fastest I have ever had a student memorize the steps for parking and three-point turn during paid driving time was 20-minutes.  The longest was five 75-minute driving sessions.  On average it takes about two 75-minute driving sessions (2.5 hours) for a driver to memorize the steps for parking and three-point turn during paid driving time.  

     Most students who memorize the steps on their own time for free just need to go through the motions of parking and three point turn only once or twice to become proficient at parking and the three-point turn. 
G.  Read each evaluation (sent via email) and return it via email with the word "Read" typed in the subject line or as the first word in the text. Do so not later than the start of the next lesson as evidence of reading it so I don't take the first five or 10 minutes of your driving time covering it

Defensive driving is driving in a manner that keeps you from becoming involved in the crashes that crash-prone drivers create. 
     Defensive driving is gracefully preparing for and pre-acting to possible driving dangers using 23 specific driving techniques rather than frantically reacting at the last split second in an untrained and unsafe manner to fully developed dangers. 
     Defensive driving is the opposite of "aggressive driving."
  Aggressive drivers do not show consideration for others on the road, do not yield their rights or their time in order to avoid crashing or make allowances for the poor driving habits of others.
     The difference between an accident and a crash is that a crash is avoidable. An accident is unavoidable. There are very few driving accidents. Almost all damage to property and life, and all loss of life on the roadways are easily avoidable if any one of the drivers is a defensive driver. In most cases, it takes two drivers who are untrained in defensive driving skills to have one crash. 
     It is wise to be that defensive driver, rather than hope that all other drivers on the road you share are skilled? (Few are!)
     Defensive driving is the opposite of "automatic" driving. The automatic driver travels with his vehicle in "drive" but his mind in "neutral."  A defensive driver drives with his/her mind operating to identify and respond to  driving dangers BEFORE those dangers fully develop.
     Defensive driving is the opposite of "tunnel vision driving" (looking only straight ahead). Defensive drivers know the conditions of their driving environment at all times and in every direction.
     Like all learning, it is only after one acquires the skills that one can really appreciate those skills. The only individuals that feel acquiring defensive driving skills are unimportant are those that do not know defensive driving skills. Ignorance has a voice.  It is always critical of and condescending towards knowledge.
     I have never met an individual that has graduated a defensive driving course who states that learning defensive driving skills was a waste of time or money. Neither have you!!!  Only those who are ignorant about defensive driving skills belittle or decry defensive driving education/training.


All driving sessions are 75-minutes in length except for the first lesson which may last 90-minutes and, if so, there is no additional charge.  Here is the process for training. I tell you what to do and give you a chance or two to do it. If you cannot do it, I do not continue to let you break the law and/or endanger our safety by letting you do it wrong over and over. I show you  how to do it and give you another chance or two to do it. If you cannot do it, I show you again, and so on. It is dangerous, stupid and illegal to expect a driver to learn to do it correctly by doing it wrong time after time after time.

Yes, we can provide the vehicle for taking the State exam.  We must be assured that a driver can drive safely before we allow a driver to use our car for his or her State exam.  This requires one 75-minute lesson to make that determination. Our minimum safety standard is 110 General Safety Points on our safety scale.  No driver, so far, after one lesson has scored at least 110 General Safety Points.

Yes.  However, you can use your vehicle if you sign a waiver and assume all financial responsibility/liability.  It is, however, better to use your vehicle for the parking and three-point turn training for reasons which are clarified at www.JodaCollins.com, Agreement page, left column, colored print.

Yes, we provide weekday door-to-door pick-up for about half the charge of a taxi (one dollar and sixty cents per round trip mile) from a start location of 4033 Buttonbush Dr., Milton 32583.  This is about 80% of the actual cost for us to provide this service. We make no profit on door to door service. 

     When we are able to provide door to door service on Saturday, we may 10% profit on that service. Our charge is $2 per round trip mile.  Saturdays fill up first and fastest.  It does not make good business sense to spend any part of Saturday working for 80% of expenses providing door to door service when we can fill the day with driving lessons and no door to door service.  Most of the time we do not provided door to door service on Saturdays. 

Within the State of Florida, I serve a 60-mile radius from Pensacola as long as within the State of Florida.

We can pick you up and drive you across the Florida line, train you in Florida and drive you back to your home in Alabama.

Telling a driver the truth about his driving allows me to good word a driver who does well and opens the door for me to help a driver with driving needs.  I cannot help a driver become a better driver if I do not identify driving flaws.
     I teach everyone who is able to learn including those with handicaps of all and every kind. 

I teach:
A. New drivers to pass their Florida State Licensing Test.
B. Twelve safe driving skills that keep the driver from causing crashes.

C. Twenty-three defensive driving techniques that help people drive crash-free even when driving among poor drivers and in bad weather. 
D. How to drive citation-free for life.

I teach: 
E.  Experienced and new drivers to be safer by teaching defensive driving skills.
F.  People from other countries; those whose first language is not English.
G.  Drivers with handicaps.
H.  Those ordered by the Court system to satisfy court-ordered remedial behind-the-wheel driver’s training.
I.  I provide validation of graduation for insurance companies that offer discounts for drivers that successfully complete a behind-the-wheel driving course/training.
J.  I provide evaluations" to determine if a driver is "safe behind-the-wheel."

A  It does you no favor if I lie to you about your driving needs and it robs you of the joy of recognizing your progress.  Lying about your driving ability in order to keep from hurting your feelings can make a driver over-confident behind-the-wheel and cost that driver his or her life. I will not do it.  If you cannot handle constructive criticism or appreciate wise advise, you are too immature to be entrusted with a vehicle that can cripple or kill in a split second of a wrong decision. Driving is not for children or childlike adults.
B.  I do not refund money for lessons already taken or started.  I quit doing that when I had a student-driver whose grandfather demanded a full refund of $630 because at the end of the training, he said she had not progress enough to satisfy him (even though her progress was well in line with the average progress of the average student and she was in all ways an average student).  I refunded the money.  When I told him I would refund this money, he broke out in laughter. 
A few weeks later I got a call from a mother. Her last name was the same as the last name of grandfather and student driver that received a full refund.  After three lessons, the mother asked if she could ride for one lesson.  Foolishly, I allowed it.  After that lesson the mother said she did not like me or my teaching style. I ended up refunding half of their money paid. I can't help but think I was set up for this by the sociopath grandfather.  I will not refund any more money for lessons already taken.  If you are unhappy for any reason, stop the training immediately and I will refund any unused part of that lesson on a per minute basis and any unused advanced payments. No more. 
     So, now I simply do not refund money for completed lessons any more than the gas station will refund your money for a consumed tank of gas.  Evaluate the progress of the driver between each lesson and if unhappy, quit. 

No.  Only safe drivers are safe.  Being careful is not the same as being safe.  You cannot avoid crashing by being careful. A sky diver who jumps out of a plane without a parachute will not land safely if he falls carefully to the ground.  A drunk is not safe because he drives carefully.  A child with a loaded pistol is not safe if he or she is careful.  An unsafe driver is not safe because he or she is caring (careful) behind the wheel.  Caring is not the same thing as well-trained or skilled. You can only avoid crashes by driving defensively.  Driving defensively is a skill. Being careful is the result of driving under the influence of an emotion. "Caring," is an emotion, not a skill.  Bad drivers cannot be careful enough or caring enough to drive skillfully. Skillful driving is the result of training not the result of caring more. The result of valid caring is proper training not  feeling good about driving poorly because the driver is being careful while driving poorly.
      Only perfect practice makes perfect. Drivers who have bad driving habits but are care-full (filled with the emotion of caring) when they drive poorly are not safe.
     Carefulness is not driver's training, but a state of mind.  Giving an untrained driver the keys the car and telling that driver to, "be careful," is no different than giving him an loaded gun with no more training than the admonition to, "Be careful."  It is foolish and it is naive.   It is deadly and expensive.  One man told me that his son did not need driver's training because his son was a "careful driver."  After two crashes and more than $1,500 in damages, he brought his son to me for driver's training.  The son did, indeed, driver poorly with great care.

In some cases, there is a two or three minute break for each lesson about half way through where the driver is able to rest his or her mind.  It is part of the driving safely.  This is an important safety factor.  If there is a break for safety, the driving time will not extended.  If, however, there is a break for any other reason, the driving time will extended so the driver does not lose behind-the-wheel time.  If we are going to be more than five minutes late, I will call.

If  the training is in your car, then, of course you can ride in your car during training as you are assuming 100% of the liability when training in your car.  I invite riders for the first lesson, only (in my vehicle).  There are good reasons for this that I will share upon request.
     If a rider is needed in my vehicle some specific reason, let me know the need and I will make a decision regarding someone in the back seat during training beyond lesson one. 
     The crash rate with a parent or spouse in the back seat is many times greater.  Anyone can follow us to see the training from the outside of our vehicle. Upon request, I will provide any client (parent, spouse) a free 10-minute driving session with client behind-the-wheel to get an idea of my teaching ability. 

The first lesson of the day can begin as early as 10am and the last driving session of the day can begin as late as 8:45pm, Tuesday through Saturday.  If Monday is the only days you can train, I will try to make adjustments to meet your available time.  Just ask. 

Some insurance providers give 5% to 15% discounts to drivers who driver's training. Some do not.  Call your insurance provider to find out.

So far, out of the total of about 4,000 people I have worked with in this business (student-drivers and clients), I have not gotten along with nine people.  
    A person has to work really hard at not getting along with me.   Talk to me l like a human being and not a dog.  Tell me what you want and if it is within my power and within any parameters of reason, I will do it. Tell me what you do not like about me and I won't do it again.  Tell me what I can do to better please you and I will give it my best effort to do it. How much more could any person do?  How much more could anyone expect from me?
     If we cannot get along, we part company. However, I will not refund money paid for lessons already taken or already started. 
     I do not get along with narcissists, sociopaths or psychopaths because the only way to get along with them is to be their spittoon.  I refuse.  Life is too short to endure the ongoing discomfort of trying to work with people who are devoted to failure in that working relationship. If you have one of these fowl people in your life, go to http://www.lulu.com/shop/joda-collins/dealing-with-the-demonic/paperback/product-20198023.html
and get some help.
     Eight of the nine people I could not get along with refused to read carefully the working agreement that they agreed to and then got upset with me because I did exactly what I said I would do in the working agreement or I expected them to do what the working agreement stated was their responsibility.  One got upset because she could not understand the Contract nor understand my clarification of the Contract. If you refuse to read the Contact, please do not do business with me. If you struggle to read, I will read it to you. If you struggle to understand the words, I will donate as much time as you need for clarification. Just ask. 

The requirements vary greatly depending on where you take your exam. Tell me where you are taking your exam and I will tell you the requirements. 

Those who do the suggested self study progress about twice as fast through training compared to those who do none of the suggested self study.
     Whether you do self-study or not makes no difference to  me.  However, why pay me money for necessary things you can learn on your own time for free!
    I have invested about 1,400 hours in separating what can be learned about safe-defensive driving (and/or passing the State driving exam) from a book from what can only be learned about safe-defensive driving (and/or passing the State driving exam) behind-the-wheel. 
     I have a workbook that contains everything that can be learned about safe driving (and/or passing the State driving exam) from a book. Student-drivers that avail themselves to these printed resources spend, on average spend about half the time behind-the-wheel and learn the same driving skills as Student-drivers who do not read the printed material.  I offer the reading material for free; however I do not beg a person to read it.  Clients who would rather pay more to learn the reading material during paid driving time are welcome to do so without any objection from me. 

Some things about night time driving cannot be taught in the daylight. Everything about daylight driving can be taught after sundown. Drivers with a permit for more than 90-days can take lessons after sundown and will always be better prepared for all driving conditions than drivers that only train in the sunlight. I do not "promote" night driving beyond making this statement.  If you desire a night driving session, let me know. 

It costs money to drive my car and I get paid for my time. No driving school provides free door-to-door service. Either the expense for door-to-door service is added to the price of the driving lessons and spread across the expense to all clients or the clients that use door-to-door service are charged for that service.  My policy is that I only charge those who use door-to-door service for the service.
     Driving my car, paying myself a living wage and covering my business expenses are all accomplished by the per minute use of my time and the per mile charge for using my vehicle. I have no other source of income. If I invest my time in you and drive my car for you, I incur expenses.  In most cases my door-to-door pick up charge is about 90% of what it costs me to provide it.
     Schools that say they "do not charge" for door-to-door service are lying to you. They have increased charges to everyone to cover the expense of providing the door-to-door service.  If I offered "free" door-to-door service, everyone would take advantage of that service.  My standard 75-minute driving lesson would take, on average, twice as long. I would be spending 50% of my work time on the road for door-to-door service. My car would wear out, at least twice as fast, maintenance expense for the vehicle would double. I would have to increase my prices to cover the expense as no one in business works 50% of the time for free while doubling expenses.  
     My arrival time is within one minute of the promised time rather than the 45-minute window offered by most taxi services.

It is against the State law for driving schools to have any verbal agreements with drivers or clients.   Most driving schools have very brief Contracts. They read, "X number of lessons. X number of dollars.  No refunds" plus a statement to protect the company from lawsuits.
     However, since I have a liberal refund policy, give discounts when certain conditions are met, provide written estimates and more, my Contract (Working Agreement) is long.  Thank you for reading it carefully. You can find it on the AGREEMENT page of my web site (www.JodaCollins.com).
     Upon request, I am happy to provide a simplified Working Agreement to anyone who asks that just states, "X number of lesson for $X dollars. No refunds.  Plus, a few statements that protect us."  All I do is remove client and driver benefits from the Working Agreement.
     I must have your approval of the service Contact before I contact service.  You can fax it to 850 981-3355, mail it, email your approval of telephone 850 981-3355 and voice your approval.
     I will not schedule a first driving session unless I have a signed Contract or the signed paperwork (as clarified in Contract Six, Section 1B) for very good reasons. Those reasons are best clarified in emails I have received.
   "Mr. Collins. I know I promised to sign the Contract and send the $30 fee with it but I have an emergency and cannot come up with the $30 at this time. Please cancel my driving appointment.'
    "Hi.  After reading the Contract, I have decided I do not want to do business with you.  Cancel my appointment."  
    "Good Evening, I was not able to mail the $30 and signed Contract as I said I would because I misplaced your return stamped envelope and I do not have a stamp.  I will bring the whole amount with me at the start of my lesson if I am able to keep the appointment."
    "Ms. Jackie, Scheduling:  We need to cancel my training because my parents are sharing the cost of my lessons and my mother thought I said you provided free door-to-door service to Fort Walton Beach.  She will not drive me to Milton."
     "Mr. Collins,  I do not have the time or interest to read your long and cumbersome Contract.  Cancel my appointment."
     "Ms. Jackie, I have some concerns about the Contact for my 17 year old daughter. I read I am not allowed to ride along for more than the first lesson.  That is unacceptable.  Please delete my driving lesson from your training schedule.  I know this is only a few minutes notice, but I have not paid you anything yet."
     "To the Driving School.  Our appointment for my son is tomorrow.  However, I am confused about some of the demands of your Contract.  Can we meet an hour or so early to go over my concerns?"